Books by Sanjay Chandra:

The Life and Times of a Common Man


2 thoughts on “Books by Sanjay Chandra:

  1. Read this book last week. Frankly, I am no a great fan of Autobiographies, but when I started reading this book, I got engrossed to the extent that I completed it in one go during my train journey from Mumbai to Delhi. Well infact this is bucket of memories written in simple language with which any person (aam ya khas) can connect. It takes you to your own memory lane (atleast it did to me).

    I was bit disappointed with your Chapter recounting your memories of Private sector. As you were born and brought up in family of Govt servants and yourself spending good part of your life in Govt service, you must be having much more experiences of your private sector life to share.

    Though I have known you since 2010 and worked very closely for 2 years, your this trait was hidden. Congratulations for the book and best wises for next.

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  2. Memoirs of life riddled with questions which we ask subconsciously. but this text makes us to actively think about these basic questions about life like what makes it common or uncommon, are we the drivers of our life or is it destiny or a mix? Reading about his memoirs makes you ponder about yours and most middle-class engineers can literally relate to Mr. chandra’s perception and ordeals and this gives us space to think about our own Way to go, Mr Chandra, waiting for your next book.

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