Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Putting #IndiaFirst India Positive Citizen Perspectives by Savitha Rao

Genre: Non-fiction

My rating: ***

India is a country of 1.3+ billion people. Nothing can stop us from being an even greater nation if each one of us performs one positive action, once a week, every week. This is the central theme in this compilation of essays by diverse people coming from different backgrounds, who have shared their own contributions towards this goal of working towards a great India.

The writers have come from all walks of life – businesspersons, social workers, differently abled, defence services, farmers, and so many more. Many of them grew up in humble surrounding, but managed to rise and do well professionally. They have a desire and are performing positive actions for the country.

A few of the writers have written more about their achievements in their chosen profession. This does not detract from their positive action for the country, rather it motivates you. You too can do it.

Education for all is almost a constant refrain in all the articles, but not bookish learning. It must be an employable education. One article talks about specific crafts related education for the youth from families of craftsmen. Another writer, born blind, says that if you have to work hard, then you must aim higher. He goes on to give the analogy that a stone breaker in a quarry works the hardest, yet she cannot alleviate her poverty by that hard work.

However, one essay seems to be politically motivated. The writer has devoted more lines stating that all the current ills in the country are only due to past decisions by one political leader. This lowers the anthology to a politically motivated, rather than a motivational, publication.

Two other issues which hindered the flow of writing for me. A few writers have given elaborate technical details of their profession. I was tempted to flip through such passages.

The second was the detailed introduction of the writer before his/her essay. This also hinders the flow. All introductions could have been compiled at the end of the book.

Except for these minor glitches, the book will motivate you to perform one positive action for the country, once a week, every week.

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