Pioneer Book Lovers Club Write Contest 2021: Prompt for October and Rules

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Write and send us your short story of 1500-3000 words (excluding the prompt) using a prompt that we will release each month.

The prompt for October is given below:

“After all, tomorrow is another day.”

  1. The prompt can be used anywhere in your story, but it should not be split.
  2. The story can be of any genre of your choice.
  3. The storytelling is important, but please also take care of grammatical or spelling errors.
  4. The story should have been written by you and not published elsewhere.
  5. The story should be written in English.
  6. Your story should be submitted in both pdf and word formats by 31st October 2021 at The subject line should be captioned ‘Pioneer Book Lovers Club Write Contest 2021’.
  7. Two winners will be declared by 15th November 2021.
  8. The contest will run for one year till May 2022, with two winners declared every month.
  9. Winning entries at the end of the year will be compiled and have a chance to be published in a book of short stories.
  10. Results will be declared on

Put on your writing cap and send us your short stories using the above prompt.

We will also be arranging interactive sessions with authors, starting with the first session on Sunday 24th October with Dr Ranjani Rao, author of Rewriting My Happily Ever After.

Join our Facebook group to be a part of these interesting sessions at

#writecontest #writingconpetition #writingprompts #shortstorychallenge


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