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Mis(s) Adventures of a Sales Girl by Aashisha Chakraborty published on 2nd May 2023

The Reluctant Doctor by Balesh Jindal published on 12th April 2023

Seashore at Twilight by Yudhajit published on 7th February 2023

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr published on 4th February 2023

Saat by Abhimanyu Jamwal published on 12th December 2022

Vadh by Satadal Lahiri and Sonam Malik published on 10th December 2022

Deadlock by Sanjeevv Shekhar published on 8th December 2022

Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie published on 23rd November 2022

The Infidel Next Door by Rajat Mitra published on 22nd November 2022

Shree’s Varah by Sandhya Borkar published on 21st November 2022

Sone Chandi Ke Buth by Khwaja Ahmed Abbas published on 21st October 2022

The First Year Fiasco by Angandeep Chatterjee published on 4th October 2022

Adventures of a Countryside Boy by Dr. Thomas T Thomas published on 3rd October 2022

March to Glory by Maj Akash Agarwal published on 30th September 2022

Her Untamed Soul by Mandira Mazumder published on 23rd September 2022

Charu Majumdar, The Dreamer Rebel by Ashoke Mukhopadhyay published on 14th September 2022

Light Between Words by Nirmala Pillai published on 12th September 2022

The (In)significant Soul by Abhishek Chaturvedi published on 11th September 2022

Muffled Screams of Buriganga by Sthitaprajna Debadutta Kar published on 2nd September 2022

Chandausi Junction by Shankar and Preeti Sahay published on 29th August 2022

The Vow of Parvati by Aditi Banerjee published on 28th August 2022

The Cord by Sredhanea Ramkrishnan published on 24th August 2022

Tribin and the Battle Axe by Abhijit Chaki published on 16th August 2022

The Jehlum Boys by Prashant published on 13th July 2022

Mandu The Romance of Roopmati and Baz Bahadur by Malathi Ramachandran published on 14th June 2022

The Legend of Kuldhara by Malathi Ramachandran published on 17th May 2022

The Raavan Key by Praveen Agarwal published on 11th May 2022

Road to Abana by Lata Gwalani published on 3rd May 2022

The Me in I by Diptendu Roy published on 22nd April 2022

Garden of Fragility, A Collection of Poetry by Neelam Saxena Chandra published on 21st April 2022

A Handful of Marbles by Patanjali Patnayak published on 19th April 2022

Contrived Connections by Radhika published on 18th April 2022

Tulip of Istanbul by Iskender Pala published on 30th March 2022

Are Your Emotions Like Mine? by Chitwan Mittal and Shruti Hemani published on 29th March 2022

Under the Mistletoe and other stories by Manali Desai published on 26th March 2022

Sleep Your Way to Success by Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke published on 24th March 2022

Masala and Murder by Patrick Lyons published on 8th March 2022

My First Hanuman Chalisa by Chitwan Mittal and Sarita Saraf published on 15th February 2022

The Darkened Pearl by Pratik Jadhav published on 11th February 2022

Avishi by Saiswaroopa Iyer published on 5th February 2022

The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman published on 27th January 2022

The Curse of Kukkutarma by Prateep Roy published on 20th January 2022

Blue Eagle by Sharada Kolluru published on 18th January 2022

The Thinnai by Ari Gautier (Translated from the French original by Blake Smith) published on 12th January 2022

Halfway Fates by Deepali Bajaj published on 6th January 2022

Karna The King of Anga by Kevin Missal published on 28th December 2021

The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri published on 20th December 2021

Hindu Refugee Camp, Lahore by Sachin Garg published on 20th November 2021

That Pain in the Womb by Asha Iyer Kumar published on 11th November 2021

High on Kasol by Aditya Kant published on 3rd November 2021

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders published on 1st November 2021

The Grand Anicut by Veena Muthuraman published on 28th October 2021

The Oracle of Karuthupuzha by Manu Bhattathiri published on 23rd October 2021

Life in the Clock Tower Valley by Shakoor Rather published on 22nd October 2021

#IndiaPositiveCitizen by Savitha Rao published on 16th October 2021

The Ambassador and the Private Eye by Krishnan Srinivasan published on 11th October 2021

A Red-necked Green Bird by Ambai translated from Tamil by GJV Prasad published on 6th October 2021

Putting #IndiaFirst India Positive Citizen Perspectives by Savitha Rao published on 2nd October 2021

The Begum and the Dastan by Tarana Husain Khan published on 29th September 2021

Shadows Never Lie by Deepti Menon published on 25th September 2021

Rewriting My Happily Ever After by Ranjani Rao published on 21st September 2021

The Earthspinner by Anuradha Roy published on 12th September 2021

The Archer by Paulo Coelho published on 5th September 2021

Where Shadows Follow by Deepti Menon published on 31st August 2021

1971 Stories of Grit and Glory from the Indo-Pak War by Ian Cardozo published on 30th August 2021

Tales from my Heart by Ruskin Bond published on 20th August 2021

The Boat People by Sharon Bala published on 19th August 2021

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry published on 19th August 2021

Girl in White Cotton by Avni Doshi published on 19th October 2020

Chokher Bali by Rabindranath Tagore published on 12th October 2020

Lines of Fate by Neelam Saxena Chandra published on 5th October 2020

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl published on 30th September 2020

Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri published on 28th September 2020

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen published on 23rd September 2020

Time Tells A Tale by Kalyan Bandopadhyay published on 16th September 2020

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