Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Tribin and the Battle Axe by Abhijit Chaki

I was not sure what to expect when I first picked up the book. The cover was attractive, the blurb was interesting.

Tribin, a writer, working against a deadline to submit his manuscript, lands up in an isolated property somewhere in the Kerala mountains.

Out on a morning walk, he hears a scream from the estate next door. The lady is Sayali, a renowned badminton player. She was amongst the top 10 in international ranking till sometime back. But then she slumped. She is trying to rediscover her top self.

Tempers are frayed – at least those of the lady. Tribin… Well he does not know what has hit him. He just wants to help the young woman… With just a rudimentary knowledge of the game. Unthinkable… Will this lead to something beyond a professional relationship?

This is the beauty of this novel. It makes you believe in the improbable. The storytelling never flags. The language is fluid. Once I started, I did not want to put the book down.

A fast-paced easy read.

Sanjay Chandra is the author of The Gymnast (Book 1 of Street Performers Series)