Open Letters of a Pioneer: To Our Dear Prime Minister – About Water Conservation

Dear Mr Prime Minister Sir

I write this open letter to you as I do not know any other way to communicate with you, without drawing the ire of so many others who have a much more known claim to address you as Dear. Though I do not agree with them, you are our dear prime minister, and all of us have the right to call you as one dear to us. I hope, no I am certain, all of us are equally dear to you.

My concern this time arises out of the control that my wife exerts over the household. Though all wives exert a control on their husbands, mine is particular about water. I know… I know… You are going to tell me that everyone must drink a certain minimum quantity of water every day, and my wife is well within her rights to tell me so.

But it is not the water I drink that is the issue here. You see, I have been used to running my tap to almost its maximum, when brushing my teeth, shaving, washing hands, washing dishes, and so on. I see you are smiling Sir – I am sure all husbands of the modern generation are washing their own dishes after the meals. You see I belong to the new generation of 61+ year olds.

But I am digressing. She tells me that we should not waste water as the ground water is depleting fast. People are also telling me that the next world war will be fought over water.

I am a very small person Sir. I do not understand world wars. But I do see our people fighting for sharing of river water. Funny our people are – the things they fight for. I thought rivers, like other resources of nature, were for everyone to enjoy.

I read many reports in the newspapers. Though it is increasingly becoming difficult to figure out which news to trust. You see Sir, different newspapers are printing different news about why the farmers are blocking our roads instead of producing what we who are living in cities have come to believe as our birth right. If one newspaper says that the agitation is wrong then there is another paper which justifies the fight of the farmers. And WhatsApp messages on my groups are not helping either. It is so confusing.

But I was talking about water. So, I read in many newspapers that the problem arose because we asked the builders to construct beautiful houses for us. Then the builders went and covered the beautiful water bodies to construct these beautiful houses. So, the water under the ground started going down. I do not understand why the water goes down when the builder builds my house. But if good environment people are saying it is so, then they must be right.

I also understood my wife’s logic.

But then where will I live – in a boat on the water? Can you imagine so many people living in boats? I thought and I thought… so much that it gave me a headache… you see Sir, I am not used to thinking so much. I have left this work for others.

Then I remembered the forests that were earlier cut down for our beautiful homes. You remember Sir, what you did? You passed a law for us to take permission and plant as many trees as we cut.

I came up with an idea to save myself from the daily harangue that I face from my wife to save water. I thought, if you pass a law that every builder, who covers a water body for my home, is asked to develop another water body of the same size, then the problem is solved.

Brilliant, is it not?

Then I will also be able to go for walks in my own lake near my house surrounded by so many trees. I am sure even the clouds will love these beautiful surroundings. They may give me more rain out of sheer happiness.

You will ask me what happens about the thousands of lakes already covered by the builders. I am sure Sir; our government will find a way to build same number of lakes.

Please do not ask me where the money will come from for so many lakes. I have a dreadful feeling that I will be taxed extra for my brilliant solution. Please do not impose more tax on me. I am sure you will find investors to generate the extra money.

Please help me Sir to lead a peaceful and harmonious life at home. I have high hopes from you.

I remain your most respectfully and dearly

A Musing Pioneer


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