Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Tales from My Heart by Ruskin Bond

This is not a novel. This is not even a collection of short stories. Yet, these are tales, woven out of anecdotes in the life of the author.

Each of the short tale celebrates life. The author finds joy in the blooming flowers, in the birds and animals, even in an owl living in his house, in the vision that he had of his dead grandmother petting her pet cat, in the duet sung by the famous singer with the ghost of Tansen, in the exploits of people who want to do something different.

This is a book from which you can narrate different stories to your children, or read them with a smile and a chuckle, to perk you up when you think life has dealt you a poor hand.

Yes, I am biased towards Ruskin Bond. But I will any day take hope over despair – like the author has been doing since he was 17 years old.



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