Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Where Shadows Follow by Deepti Menon

Genre: Short Stories
Publisher: Readomania
Price: Kindle Rs 199/-, Free on Kindle Unlimited
My rating: ****

Sunshine – happiness, and laughter. Nights – mysterious, beautiful, dreams – and the hope of sunshine the next morning. Somewhere in between lie the soothing shades of a tree – our most cherished relationships and fond memories. But this interplay of sunshine and the darkness of night can also turn into shadows – our worst nightmares. The shadows can make us see phantoms, or they can make us perform unimaginable acts.

This book by Deepti is an anthology of nine short stories exploring these shadows in human relationships. Not all the stories have crime as central theme in soured relationships. A few of them only have relationships as the theme, with hopes for a better future.

But almost all of them have one thing in common – they have a twist in the end. Much as I thought that I had understood the story, and the eventual outcome, I was proven wrong in all the stories. And the last story…

Well I do not want to give you the spoiler. Read the stories.

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