Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Shadows Never Lie by Deepti Menon

Genre: Short Stories

My rating: ****

Human mind is a fertile field. It is up to us to either plant seeds of optimism, or dense woods where no sunlight can penetrate – dark shadows underneath. Shadows often bring with them a fear of the unknown. It is this unknown, hidden in the shadows, that is the central theme in this book.

These are not stories of supernatural. These are of lives, which might have been yours or mine. The shadows in the story make the characters see phantoms where none exist, or make them commit crime – to protect themselves and their loved ones, or even commit crimes of passion, or hear tormented screams.

This book by Deepti is an anthology of 10 short stories exploring these shadows in human mind. One story set in the backdrop of a terrorist massacre in Kashmir left me shaken. Another story made me look over my shoulder for invisible attackers. Yet another story, that I happened to read in the night, made me afraid of the shadows in the room.

That was the beauty of writing of the author. She is a master of the art of psychological thriller stories.

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