Book Reviews by a Pioneer: The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 5/5

Hope in our lives is attached to a fragile thread. Many times, when faced with life changing incidents, we find it convenient to break the thread and fall into an abyss of despair. Soham and Fiona, two people unknown to each other, face such events in their lives.

Soham lost his elder brother as a young child and blames himself for the death. He then looses both his parents in quick succession in his adult life. Fiona had a traumatic childhood, because of which she did not trust men. Just as she had overcome her reservations and had found the love of her life, her husband dies in a road accident.

Then their paths cross. Will they be able to overcome their past and build a life together on the fragile thread of hope! They certainly will need to work for that to have a happily ever after story to narrate to their grandchildren forty years later.

This is a heart-warming story set in Sikkim. The story unfolds almost lyrically – be it the way the beauty of the landscape of Sikkim is captured, or the way the happiness or the anguish of all the characters is depicted. For me there was an instant connect with all the characters – that was the beauty of storytelling. There is a fair use of Nepalese terms, but these do not detract from the story – in fact they help in moving the story forward.

I loved the book.

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