Book Reviews by a Pioneer: The Darkened Pearl by Pratik Jadhav

Ralph, Detective in the police department of the city of Hamberberg, has broken up with his girl friend, and is on his annual leave. He is asked by his boss to return to office urgently, where he is informed that Jake, his adoptive brother, is missing for 48 hours.

Ralph has to find evidence or his brother within the next three days, otherwise the case will be put in the back burner as pending. He also knows that the first 48 hours are critical to find a missing person, after which one can expect the worst.

Ralph is now racing against time as he starts looking for Jake. His brother is a musician and plays in bars, restaurants and cruises for the wealthy. There are no leads except that Jake went to a party and did not return home. Ralph starts looking at his brother’s call records and meeting people. One meeting leads to another, one evidence leads to another, until he unravels the mystery.

It is a well written plot. All the characters are introduced during the story. This also gives the reader opportunity to play detective with Ralph. I also tried doing the same, and zeroed in on two – one of which was indeed the killer. But then, there was another twist.

This is a self published book, and needs editorial corrections.


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