My Two Angels

Inspired by a poem by my friend Joyita

I asked the demon living in my head,
If it would live on my shoulder instead,
I would still want it to respond to my name,
I would still want it to criticise me,
And keep me away from mischief.
The demon was happy,
To come out of the cage of my mind,
And breathe fresh air,
And look at all the lovely people,
And the beautiful sky and the flowers.
It still had its own condition,
To split in two,
And each to sit,
On either side my my shoulder.
I now have two angels on my shoulder,
Temptation and conscience.
It feels wonderful,
To sometime give in to a little temptation,
When having a glass of wine with friends,
And knowing when to stop,
When conscience whispers,
Its sweet nothings in my ears.


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