Arjun’s Chariot in Mahabharat war – what does it symbolise? by Vardhan V Dharkar

The five horses: They represent five senses namely, Touch, Taste, Seeing, Hearing & Smell

The Rein: It represents the Mind

The charioteer (Sri Krishn): He represents the Intellect, The Parmatman

The Passenger(Arjun): He represents Jivatma (Individual soul)

The Chariot : It represents body

The path travelled by the Chariot & its surroundings: It represents “The Sense Objects”

“The Charioteer” (The intellect) should hold the “Mind” (The Reins) to control and drive the “Horses”( The Senses) so that “Jivatma”(Individual Soul) travels in right direction & reaches “The Desired destination”(The Moksha). Left to itself the Horses will overpower the mind & go after the sense objects. This is where the role of Intellect comes in. It must hold the mind tightly & ensure that horses go in the right direction.

The lesson to all of us is to ensure that we develop Intellect to such a level that it holds & guide the mind so that the sense objects remain in control & we achieve our ultimate objective.

Current context

The battle of Mahabharat might have been fought five thousand years back, but it has not ended. All of us today are also fighting the Battle of Mahabharat in our mind. In fact the sense objects have multiplied many folds over the years, making it difficult for mind to control the senses! In such a tough scenario it has become all the more important for us to sharpen our intellect to ensure it keeps mind in control and drives the senses in right direction.


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