Musings of a Pioneer: Each One Teach One

“The dreams that the young weave. They were not particularly well-off, had to give up studies and yet they had dreams of a better life for themselves as well as their yet unborn children. Those were the talks of young people very much in love with each other.” – Excerpt from The Gymnast, Book 1 of Street Performers Series.

This Sunday the young child whose studies I am financing came to see us with his father. The child is now in class 9. We sat talking for some time wanting to understand the areas that the child needed assistance in. I also told the father that I would be able to spare my earlier laptop in case the child would need it after a couple of years. It transpired that the parents had already enrolled the child in a local computer academy, and they had wanted a computer at home for the young boy to practice what he learnt in the academy.

The child’s father has studied till class 10, while the mother has gone to school till class 12. The parents are working hard for a dream that they want realised through their child. They are willing to toil hard for the dream. Much like the dreams that we saw for our children, or the dreams that everyone sees. Or the dreams that Chhaya and Budh saw for their yet unborn children in The Gymnast.

It is in our collective power to help the Chhayas, the Budhs, the Roshnis, the Deepas, the Pradeeps, in our society.

Each One Teach One.


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