Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Light Between Words by Nirmala Pillai

“I am not a poet. This is a genre that leaves me baffled.” I told Nirmala when she requested me to review her book of poems. But I could not refuse her, as she is a colleague bureaucrat and now a friend. I am glad that I read her poems.

Each of the 46 poems captures a slice of emotion not just from our daily lives, but from our lifetime itself. There is happiness, there is sorrow; there is satire, there is also the comic; there is life, there is death; there are poignant moments.

An example – A Small White Hair. I could not imagine that a poetry could be written about the moment when one first discovers a white hair, and the pain that it causes.

Another example – Her God, “Patidev”. The abuse a woman bears at the hands of one man, as She cannot kill him. She cannot die… In his death She ceases to be- He is the ‘God’ He is her “Patidev” How can she? A stark reality of our life across different social strata.

Or Mumbadevi which is a search for the Goddess of the city of Mumbai, Yes, goddess You live in high places.

Poetry lovers would certainly love this book.

The review is by Sanjay Chandra, author of The Gymnast.

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