Book Reviews by a Pioneer: March to Glory by Major Akash Agarwal

This is another story from small-town India, and the dreams of the young coming from middle-class families. This fictional account is written by an army officer.

Ameya is the lead protagonist. He grows up like any other child till he meets a distant relative who works in the army. He is fascinated by the olive greens, and starts dreaming of joining the forces. But dreams are not enough to attain something in life. There are failures. He does not give up. It is the story of every child who is passionate about its dreams and uses failures as stepping stones to success.

The story of achieving something worthwhile has been written by innumerable writers in times past, and many more will write in future. The plot is timeless. This novel too had the potential to be bracketed in the same category, but for a few flaws.

There are grammatical errors in the narrative. The entire process of admission to NDA is explained in great detail, which would not be of interest to every reader. Each chapter starts with a motivational quote and ends with sometimes short and other times long sermonising passages. That makes reading tedious after a few chapters.

On the positive side, the book is a good ready reckoner for youngsters wanting to join the armed forces.

The review is by Sanjay Chandra, author of The Gymnast.

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