Book Reviews by a Pioneer: The Infidel Next Door by Rajat Mitra

Past is the stepping stone to future. A good or a bad future is for us to build on the foundation of life gone by. But what if the past is not the immediate past, not even decades old, but one that goes back centuries! And if it was so traumatic that forgetting it is a tempting invitation!

The book is the story of Kashmir, not only in the present, but one that is built on centuries of persecution. Aditya is a young priest, who returns to renovate a temple, demolished eons ago, and whose ancestors perished in a futile attempt to save it.

Next to the ruins is a mosque, and Anwar is the son of the Imam. He has vowed to create an Islamic Kashmir. Torn between her love for the priest, and her faith, is Zeba, sister of Anwar.

This is a great story – of a search for roots, and about the strength of forgiveness. There is yet hope – for the future.

The review is by Sanjay Chandra, author of The Gymnast.

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