Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Seashore at Twilight by Yudhajit

This is the story of Vivek and Lucy and their love for each other. Vivek is missing for two years, feared dead in a flight that could not land in Bhutan due to poor weather conditions and the plane is presumed to have crashed. Lucy is trying to pick up pieces of her shattered life as she is asked to travel to Sri Lanka for work, where she meets a look-alike of Vivek, who does not recognise her.

The above broadly describes the storyline, which should lead to a predictable happy ending, as Vivek makes an entry in the story somewhere in the middle of the book. It is the twists and turns in the story that make it interesting.

The language is simple and easy to read. My complaint is about editorial inputs – grammar and vocabulary. A fast read, which will appeal to movie buffs.

The review is by Sanjay Chandra, author of The Gymnast and The Life and Times of a Common Man.

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