Book Reviews by a Pioneer: Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl by Aashisha Chakraborty

All of us, or at least most of us, have secrets in our lives – either those that we did not divulge or those that were kept from us – almost always to not break relationships.

Enakshi, a 25 year old young woman, the lead protagonist of this book, also has one such secret kept from her, though hinted at by her close ones. She could not guess, not could I, till the truth hit us, almost towards the end of the book. Surprisingly, it did not break Enakshi, nor her relationships – they became stronger, with an empathy difficult to see in current times.

In between, we have the 25-year-old Enakshi completing her business management, and going to Chennai for her internship. If hell would have a name, it would be this city for the lady. She is required to study the market by a strict boss, who refuses to acknowledge her. She is clueless of the local language, faces unknown biases – gender, no toilets for women in the field, sexist innuendos, a stalker, etc etc.

I loved the way that the author tackled sensitive issues, never faltering. There was not a dull moment. The other characters were also well etched, even as they supported the story of Enakshi.

That is the beauty of the storytelling of the young author.

The review is by Sanjay Chandra, author of The Gymnast, and The Life and Times of a Common Man.

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