Book Reviews by a Pioneer: The First Year Fiasco by Angandeep Chatterjee

Aratrika Roy joins an engineering college in Panagarh enjoying the new-found freedom away from parental control in Kolkata. Jayashis Dey is another first year student who looks and sounds mysterious.

I have also lived in a hostel in teenage years. I can vouch that walking out of your room to the common toilets through deserted corridors in the dead of the night does get spooky sometime. You look for shadows where there are none.

Aratrika sees actual shadows lurking in the dark. She also overhears whispers not meant for her ears. Then there are deaths on the campus, which let us say, do not appear natural.

This is the detective thriller that the author has woven out of 17-year-old young characters (contradiction is intended). The narrative keeps you on edge till almost the end, as you keep guessing about the killers.

The author has created wonderful and sometimes spooky surroundings in great detail which adds to the mystery.

I am looking forward to solving more mysteries with the young detective and the young assistant.

The review is by Sanjay Chandra, author of The Gymnast.

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