Book Reviews by a Pioneer: The Earthspinner by Anuradha Roy

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Hachette India
My rating: *****

What spins our earth, that makes us what we are? Many of us agree on this entity to be God. But this book is not about Him. This is the story of a most unusual teacher – one who imparts life lessons – belief in one’s dreams, in humanity.

This is the story of Elango, living in a poor hamlet, somewhere in Andhra Pradesh, as observed by Sarayu. He is a potter, and he spins earth to create terracotta pottery. He narrated exotic stories to Sara and her younger sister, when they were children. He also teaches Sara pottery making, as she grows into adolescence. He falls in love with Zohra, a young woman from another religion.

One night he dreams of a mythical horse, breathing fire from its nostrils, travelling underwater through eternity. He creates this creature on his spinning wheel, a gift to his lover. Sara is her willing pupil and helper. Their love may have tragic consequences, yet one is left shocked, when it actually happens. He moves out of Sara’s life.

Sara looses interest in pottery. She moves to England for higher studies and makes new friends. She also re-discovers her love to create – she starts working on pottery in the college studio. Elango once again enters her life in London, and imparts another valuable lesson – to pursue her passion, and perfection will be hers. He again goes out of her life – for her to discover herself on her own.

This is a simple story beautifully narrated. The pace is almost relaxed as you start reading – but this languor is deceptive. Without realising it, the pace builds up – you keep turning the pages, wanting to know the future of all the characters. You root for Sara as she makes perfect pottery – she has found her passion.

She is also now an earth spinner.

#TheEarthspinner #AnuradhaRoy


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